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The smell of old books entered the Wizard’s nose as soon as they walked into the dusky library. This was the place. They could feel the magical energy emanating from the shelves. Too bad it was buried so far underground where nobody else would find it. The silence of the room was menacing, but inviting, like a man-eating-plant, or a siren’s call. Was it dangerous? What if the book was a trap of its own. The wizard swallowed their fear and pressed on deeper into the tomb for texts lost to time, memory, and this plane of reality.

The Red Panda Wizard is part of my Dungeons & Dragons themed enamel pin series; Dungeons & Plushies. Dungeon’s & Plushies is my pin series inspired by Tabletop and Digital RPGs and MMOs. Each character has a story to tell and their own way of playing the game.

As always, thank you for the support and making my dream a reality. I appreciate you!

Pin Info:
• ~2 Inches
• Hard Enamel
• Gold metal finishes
• Double Post
• Includes thematic card back
• Art may have some variation between design and the final product.

✨ General Information ✨

Pin Grading:
• A Grade: Perfect or Near Perfect!
• B Grade: Minor but noticeable imperfections like scratches, very low enamel, etc.

Copyright & Support:
Buying these pins means you’re supporting a small artist and their creative dream. From my whole heart, thank you for your support. This design is copyrighted by me. All other listings (excluding partners like Astral Games) are counterfeits.

All packing will be done while wearing gloves and delivery will be fulfilled with the least amount of human contact possible. Thank you for understanding and stay safe!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My DMs are open.

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