Hey all! I just launched a new comic called Create-A-Companion. Sort of a retail slice of life with wholesome goodness of plushies and and fantasy elements mixed all together. Read it here or on tapas!

Create-A-Companion (HERE)
Create-A-Companion (TAPAS)

Thanks everyone for the support! I hope you enjoy and a new episode will be up next Monday.

-Lefty πŸ––πŸ»

Sticker Club for October 2023

Yahaha! You found us! Your spooky forest friends are now available for those who love stickers, Halloween, and glow in the dark things! Here’s the deets.

Single Sticker Club Member: Jack-O-Korok

Triple Sticker Club Member: Single’s rewards PLUS Stalfos Korok & Poe Korok

CLICK HERE today to sign up and share with a friend <3

Sticker Club for September 2023

Hey all! Sticker club 2023 is now ready! It’s my first sticker club so please consider subscribing and sharing! I’d greatly appreciate it. The stickers this month:

Single Sticker Club Member: Giraffe Clerifc
Triple Sticker Club Member: Single PLUS Owl Warlock & Ferret Bard

Sign up today on my Patreon!

New product! Plushies in Space Sticker Sheets (Check out the shop!)

New Night Mind post?!

You bet there is! Really had a hankering to continue (and probably complete) the “Missing” comic. I owe everyone that, especially the ever charming Nick Nocturne over at Night Mind. That said, I’ll be taking heavy consideration whether to continue the series as each episode is meant to be 10-15 pages at most. Unlike each case of Marbles, haha.

In other news, all of Karlson I’ve released so far is now uploaded to, so please consider checking that as well! I’ll be continuing that series too, so please stay tuned for that.

Thank you to any and all of you who support me and my work! I’ve got big news coming soon about a new way you can support me so stay tuned for that. Thanks all! Remember to live long, and prosper. πŸ––πŸΌ

Meadowlark Comic Con (OCTOBER 7TH)

Hey all! Xephoria and I will be at our next convention in October. Meadowlark Comic Con is happening at the Josephine County Fairgrounds in Grants Pass, Oregon. Come say hi! We’ll have lots of cool prints, charms, pins, comics, and more! We’ll also be introducing new reusable sticker books and possibly even desk mats πŸ‘€

Hope to see you all there, and thanks for an amazing Ani-Medford! I had a blast!Β 
– Lefty