About Lefty and Co!

Lefty and Co are a group of friends wanting to create engaging and fun products, stories, games, and more! Let’s meet the team.

  Chris the “Lefty”: Artist, writer, and Creative Director for Lefty’s Comics. Loves to draw like tomorrow won’t arrive and potentially has an unhealthy obsession with Star Trek. Founded Lefty’s Comics in 2014, and has been making art (for better or for worse) since a very young age.

  Daniel the “Whits”: Writer and CO-Creative Director for Lefty’s Comics. Has been playing WoW for an impressive amount of time according to Chris (and also makes REALLY good cheesy stuffed burritos). 

  Marcus the “Ninja”: Like his name suggests, this member of the team is quiet, and swift. Lead 3D developer of Lefty’s Comics. Can build someone a new PC with his eyes closed. 

  Xeph the “Dragon”: Supplemental story writer, proof reader, play-tester, and morale officer. Obsessed with Majima from Yakuza. Also draws like they need it to survive. 

We hope that you enjoy what we make for you as much as we enjoy creating it!